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Belvaspata Long-Distance Healing

Updated 02/22/2020 by Jan

Thank you to those who have recently written to us about using Belvaspata specialty protocols (available for purchase by contacting [email protected]). Specifically, we are asked if it is permissible to use the protocols for long-distance healing, in other words, with the recipient in a different location than the Belvaspata master. The answer is yes, all Belvaspata healings may be done long-distance.

See Belvaspata Angel Healing Volume 1, 2 or 3 for all details on how to perform a healing session and see a brief summary below in our Q & A.

Question: I would like to ask if Belvaspata for Healing Heart Disease, as well as the one for healing cancer, can be done in a distant healing session?
Answer: The short answer to your question is that all Belvaspata healing protocols, including specialty protocols such as Belvaspata for Heart Disease and for Cancer, can be done long-distance. It is not necessary to be with the patient/family member/friend/client in person.
Read through the entire protocol so that you are certain that you understand all the instructions and have all of the necessary components for the healing session, including power wheel(s) or sigils that may be required to create a ceremonial circle, for example.

Belvaspata for the Healing of Cancer
If the client and their family/friends/support group are open to it – you could send them a copy of the Presence sigil to put under the pillow or near the client while they are in the hospital or in their bed, under a chair, etc. You can print a copy of the sigil for Presence as used in “Belvaspata for the Healing of Cancerhere.
Set up the power stacks and wheel on the floor and sit so you are facing them with the sigils. Next do your expansion and so forth and follow the directions for drawing the sigils, and envisioning the wheels moving up through the client’s body. Close the session as directed.

Contact [email protected] to purchase “Belvaspata for the Healing of Heart Disease” or “Belvaspata for the Healing of Cancer specialty protocols (proceeds go to Almine). May all life experience healing blessings through Belvaspata.

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