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Kriyavaspata: The Healing Modality for Animals

Connecting Animals to Earth Frequencies

The health of animals that are insulated from earth frequencies for most of the day, such as home-bound animals or horses in stalls, are at risk. Nature has created a strong connection and entrainment factor between animals and the Earth’s frequencies. Four-legged animals have a form that, unlike man,* have chakras that face vertically. This allows earth frequencies and sky frequencies to enter the animal’s body more readily, contributing to a healthful life.

Domesticated animals are robbed of this very powerful contribution to their well-being. This healing modality is based on opposite frequencies and light attracting. The sigils used are designed to remedy distortions in the animal’s subtle bodies that its isolation from natural frequencies can cause. Scientists’ studies have found that the frequencies emitted by the Earth are virtually identical to those coming from a healer’s hands.

Unlike Belvaspata (the counterpart to Kriyavaspata, that effects healing in humans) this healing modality does not require certification or training. It can as effectively be done by a loving owner or a veterinarian. The modality’s ancient origins contribute an equally ancient language that accompanies the sigils.

Although its correct pronunciation is not crucial, the way to pronounce it is given on this website. Animals can be healed by using a proxy, such as a photograph or stuffed animal, or the sigil can be drawn over the animal while the words are spoken. Proximity to the suggested body part is helpful but not essential, when signing the sigil in the air. Sending the sigil into that area with intent is an equally valid alternative.

For practitioners of Belvaspata, be aware that unlike the Belvaspata practice of forming a unified field with the patient, healing animals does not use this method but is directional: the sigil is sent into the animal through intent. Forming a unified field with animals causes the ‘band of the beast'(a certain set of light-fibers found in the 7th subtle body of man), to become dominant. This is counter-productive to man’s quest for raised consciousness.

The Assistance of Angels in Kriyavaspata

Angels are the ‘capacitors’ of the Infinite, working with the storage and discharge of light. The capacitor can be viewed as a jug held under a running tap that is filled and used for watering a potted plant. Its job is to receive, store and redirect where the water has to go, in the same way angels receive, store and redirect light and frequencies.

Through prayer and the emotions of our heart, we create a sort of ‘magnetism’ to pull in and redirect the flow of healing light and frequencies into the animal. The angels of Kriyavaspata have sigils. When we have an angel’s sigil, it is impossible for them to ignore a sincere human request for assistance.

How to Do a Healing

  1. Say: “I call upon the angel Kristatvi-heresva by the power of his sigil that I hold, to place the sigil of Kri-asta-bruavat for the Earth Energies to clear constrictions in the flow of Energy, 3 times in ___________ (e.g. ‘this horse’s’ or name of a pet’s) navel.
  2. Look at the angel’s sigil as you call his name (you do not draw this sigil).
  3. Sign/draw the healing sigil in the air 3 times, saying its name (e.g. Kri-astabruavat, Kri-asta-bruavat. Kri-asta-bruavat) Hint: Draw the sigil by starting on the left side and moving towards the right. You may want to color each uninterrupted line in a different color so that it can be easily distinguished.

Kriyavaspata Sigils (PDF Downloads)

Sigils to Bring Healing Earth Energies to An Animal

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