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Gas Discharge Visualization – An Assessment of Healing

The Gas Discharge Visualization Assessment for Determining the Effectiveness of Healing Methods
By Dr. Sabina DeVita
A study was initiated in the presence of the healer, Almine, to ascertain visible and scientific measures of changes on the biological systems of a small group of subjects.  The Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) Bioelectrography camera was used.
About the Bioelectrography Camera: The Bioelectrography camera measures the human energy field and allows us to detect and monitor changes in the subtle energy fields of the individual.  The energy field is a cosmic blueprint and use of this technology was most appropriate in monitoring the participants in this study.
The camera is the most advanced comprehensive full-body imaging device available on the market today, used and developed by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, a leading Russian physicist internationally renowned for the pioneering research he conducted on the human energy field over approximately the last 20 years.
The system allows for direct, real-time photos and videos of the entire energy field of a human as well as other organisms and materials.  The information is extracted by computer software that measures brightness, size, fractality and other parameters of the energy field.  It is a unique system, distinctive from that used in Kirlian photography.
The photographs can give information about the psychological, emotional and physical condition of the subject.  This aura-imaging technique is especially useful in showing changes in the subtle energy distribution around the human body before and after any experience
The Study: The principal author, Dr. DeVita, conducted all testing of subjects, pre and post, over a 6-day period.  The study consisted of a small group of subjects who were subjected to specific healing conducted by Almine.  The testing methodology was based on individual GDV analysis of psychological/emotional/physical states.  Post- and pre- GDV photography was taken to observe the effectiveness of the healing.
Dr. DeVita was personally trained by Dr. Korotkov in Canada in October 2001.  More advanced training was received in July 2002 in St. Petersburg, Russia.  She received an International Certificate for her presentation of clinical data to the VI Scientific Congress and for her active participation in hands-on training workshops.
About Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, inventor of the technology used in this study: Dr. Krotkov is Professor of Physics at St. Petersburg state Technical University.  He holds 12 patents on biophysics inventions and is the author of more than 90 papers on physics and biology published in leading Russian and international journals.  He has written multiple books, published in Russian, English and Italian.  The titles include:  Life after Life: Experiments and Ideas on After-Death Changes of Kirlian Pictures, 1998, NY Backbone Publishing Co., and Aura and Consciousness:  New Stage of Scientific Understanding, 1999, St. Petersburg, ‘Kultura’.  Dr. Korotkov is the President of the Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectrography.
Analysis and Interpretation of GDV Information: The Gas Discharge Visualization camera created by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov is the first device in the world that measures the distribution of the energy level of biological objects (energy geomeo kinesis).  It is being used for medical diagnosis in many medical facilities.
This technique is based on the visual observation or registration on a photo film of gas discharge fluorescence as it appears close to the surface of the investigated subject, placing it into a high intensity electromagnetic field.  Using computer software, analysis is estimated by means of non-linear mathematics and data-mining methods developed by Russian scientists.  It has been successfully trialed in Russia, England, Germany, Slovenia, the United States and is acknowledged in many other countries.
Healthy Aura: The field of a healthy active person is dense, uniform and has smooth changes of color from the blue spectrum through the orange to the yellow.  Both psychological and physical profiles of each subject were taken before and after the healing sessions.
Disturbances: Holes, gaps, heterogeneities and outbursts in the aura are indicators of disturbances in the energy field.  They point to disorders on mental, functional or organ levels, showing a direct link to the organ system indicated on the Beogram (aura picture).  Left and right side projections of the image show disturbances that relate to both logical cerebral and right intuitive hemispheres and right and left sides of the body.
Gaps or breaks in the psychological/emotional profile represent leakage of energy and the individual is most likely experiencing a number of powerful symptoms .  The images of the Beograms help us to decode an individual’s main psycho-emotional state and denote the relationship between the organs and the psyche.  Old Chinese texts link rage with liver damage, worry with spleen damage.  Cord-like structures appear to enter and exit the body, often indicating attachments between people via intense emotions coupled with thoughts of fear or worry.
Brief Interpretations of 3 Subjects from this Study: Subjects 1, 2 and 3 are presented here both before and after their healing sessions.  All three displayed gaps, holes and cords plus irregular energy fields.  The pictures and diagrams included display the definitive improvement after the healing.  The ‘before’ GDV Kirlian picture outlines the disturbed energy field.  The ‘after’ image display the bio-energetic change and the significant effectiveness of Almine’s interventional.
In conclusion, this study shows that the spiritual healing of these 3 individuals as performed by Almine was indeed successful.  Similar effects were noted on each of the other participants.