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Kaanish Belvaspata

The Healing Modality of Enlightenment

The Cosmic Proxy Belvaspata

With the advent of this Belvaspata, a few notable changes have occurred: the Mastery and Grandmastery initiations may be performed simultaneously. Secondly, this unique form of Belvaspata, representing the high mind, has come forth to be used by those that are practitioners registered in any of the Belvaspata levels.

  • The level I and level II Belvaspata practitioners represent the healing of the sub-conscious or low mind.
  • The masters and grandmasters represent the healing of the middle-mind (the left and right brain).
  • The Kaanish Belvaspata is the healing modality representing the high mind.

How does it work?

Every sigil of Kaanish Belvaspata represents the cosmos. When used by a Belvaspata practitioner of any level, the client is a proxy for the cosmic well-fare. Such great service must be compensated for by dramatic increases in consciousness.

When it is performed on a client, which can be done as part of a usual Belvaspata healing session or as a separate session just to benefit cosmic life, he or she will also reap physical benefits. But there does not need to be an ailment for Kaanish Belvaspata to be done.

The gift of physical healing that regular Belvaspata brings, is now supplemented by the advent of Kaanish Belvaspata as an enhancer of consciousness.


Is it free?

Although Almine, the originator of regular Belvaspata has given it freely as a gift (see www.Alminehealing.com), the benefit of Kaanish Belvaspata is available through the purchase of a manual. Although anyone can purchase it, it is intended for Belvaspata practitioner use only.


Are there Initiations needed to perform it?

Only the initiations and self-initiations that Belvaspata practitioners undergo are required – any level of Belvaspata master may use Kaanish. As always it is requested that you credit Almine as the originator of this profound work designed to set man free from illusion.


Can I sell it as part of my Belvaspata practice?

Yes, but it is imperative and mandatory in this case, that Almine be credited as the originator and Spiritual Journeys LLC cited as owning the copyright.