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Toltec Body Healing

The healing modality of Belvaspata and the healing system of the Toltec way have one thing in common: they both originated from the Infinite Mother. The Toltec philosophy was designed as a way of impeccable living* that would turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones* during past ages.

Belvaspata was given in response to the major changes in cosmic laws, when many other healing modalities ceased to work. Its primary task as an instrument of clearing away the illusory sub-creations of man to reveal Infinite perfection is widely acknowledged. It has a profound but subtle function that was only hinted at in the earlier information received: it can serve as a coupling device between the microcosm and the macrocosm.

This principle of healing the many by healing the one is utilized at its fullest in Kaanish Belvaspata – bringing blessings of enlightenment to the participants. In placing the Toltec healing system in tandem with specific “coupling” Belvaspata sigils, the Earth’s corresponding areas are healed as well.

For example, in healing the 8 primary fluid ducts within the body through the Toltec system and using “coupling” Belvaspata sigils specifically designed to match that part of the system; the ocean and river beds are cleared and healed. By clearing and healing the 9 primary body fluids, the aquifers, surface waters and oil depletion is addressed. The main joints of the body correspond to the 13 tectonic plates and so forth.

The “coupling” function of the sigils in this book and those of Kaanish Belvaspata, has two components to it. Not only can the large be healed in a manageable way by using a smaller proxy, but the effect is augmented and enlarged – both for your client and the Cosmos (as in the case of Kaanish Belvaspata) or the Earth. It acts like a lens of a projector that creates from the small images on the film, a large projection – a good analogy (it functions on different principles though) to understand its enhancing effect.

*See The Gift of the Unicorns by Almine

*See The Way of the Toltec Nagual by Almine