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WORLD BELVASPATA DAY – Miracles From Around the World!

Message From Almine For World Belvaspata Day

Join Us!

You, our lightfamily members all around the world, are invited to join us for 24 hours of Belvaspata! We’ll be streaming non-stop radio shows, interviews and all sorts of contributions for your enjoyment. We will be posting a schedule on this website for your convenience.

Join us beginning at midnight December 30, PST, continuing up to the live broadcast video of Almine revealing a new body of Belvaspata information at the stroke of midnight on December 31, 2011 PST. (Almine’s video will be available so that all may view it according to their time zone; note the World Belvaspata shiny button on the right side of this page!)

The new body of information, Belvaspata Healing through Oneness, Volume II – The Integrated Use of Belvaspata and Fragrance Alchemy, assists in restoring our individual songs and the song of the Earth (available in e-book and paper version soon).

Belvaspata, Healing through Oneness, an excerpt from the book, includes the Atlantean and Belvaspata sigils, Fragrance Alchemy, Fairy sigils and sound elixirs. It will be available for purchase as a downloadable product on our Spiritual Journeys store following Almine’s video address.

*3 AM EST / 8:00 GMT