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Using the Female Reproductive Sigil – An Instantaneous Recovery of a Friend

My friend was suffering from severe menstrual blood-clots and asked me if I might know what to do.
As somewhat of a Belvaspata (BVP) novice, who has the accreditation but very little experience, it was with enthusiastic reverence that I was pleased to be of assistance. I took the opportunity to utilize what I had garnered from the recent findings of healing the Female Reproductive Systems Through Belvaspata.

The BVP sigil and angel sigil for ‘blood clotting from the female reproductive organ’; was found, I signed the appropriate sigil and angel, while reading the Infinite’s language to my French friend who loved hearing the magical words, made a copy of the sigil and angel, so she could put the sigils in her pocket and voila! her severe blood-clotting ceased immediately.

To our utter delight, we went out for Sunday brunch; our conversation seasoned with the wonder and miracle of the Infinite’s Gifts!

C. from Quebec, Canada

Kaanish Belvaspata

I started doing Kaanish Belvaspata at the beginning of February 2009 on myself and my family, almost daily. The changes starting appearing almost immediately but especially by Valentine’s Day. These changes are greater and faster then almost anything I’ve ever experienced before in my life. Truth is revealing itself more quickly and illusion is melting away. My capacity and feeling of love, praise and gratitude has more then doubled and I’m literally creating heaven on earth – starting with myself, then with my family and going out from there. I feel like I’m 100% out of the ‘Pleasantville’ way of life and living my own life now, free of belief systems and social conditioning.

S. from Toronto, Canada

I’ve lost 10 pounds in the 4 days since my session, it’s just gone!
(Weeks later it remains gone)


I’m just flowing through my day and the ease is just there. I cannot believe I was on that table for an hour and half and did not move!

Kamal S.

I feel lighter. My heart feels fine. I feel remarkably stable, whole, complete, and balanced – Healthy! Thank you so very, very much.

Vi H.

Belvaspata Level I & II class

WOW! What an amazing journey I am on. Since this weekend the amount of joy, love, peace, appreciation and praise that has entered my life is unbelievable. The feeling of this new energy is very powerful and humbling at the same time. Many times I am so filled with the amazing feelings that I am crying a lot of the time. Not from sadness rather from the bliss of life. Almine’s books seem to be carrying many activations and I feel I am spiritually moving on fast forward. Thank you all for being!


Belvaspata session on March 29, 2009

My friend sent to me her boyfriend as she felt uncomfortable with him, cannot have sex, because his energy and frequency was lower then hers. While we talked, I felt his determination to get what he came for. I didn’t choose any sigils for him in advance.

As I worked, sigils jumped in my hand. One huge angel bounded over my client’s body. After I finished I was so happy I felt some thing great happened. He was happy, too. My friend called me next day to say thank you. She said he became very beautiful and it is so nice to be with him now, his fear not to be good and clever enough for her has disappeared.

N. from Denmark