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Belvaspata Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

The Seer Almine introduced Belvaspata Angel Healing to the world in 2006. She has recently shared with us an important change that will be of interest worldwide! This major change and wonderful blessing are now being shared for the first time with Belvaspata global practitioners.

Since 2006, and up to this point, there have been two ways to receive Belvaspata initiation:

  • Initiation in person (in the same physical location) with a master or grand master performing the ceremony.
  • Self-initiation with a mentor who is a master or grand master supporting the work of the initiate. (See Belvaspata Angel Healing Volume 1, 2 and 3, Part VII, “Guidelines for Self-Initiation”, pages 141-142, paperback versions.)

We recall that Belvaspata masters can initiate up to and including their own level of initiation; only grand masters may perform all four levels of initiation including 1, 2, master and grand master levels.

~ What is the change you have envisioned for Belvaspata right now in 2023? 

The Seer:
I can feel it is time to expand Belvaspata tutored* initiations to a broader base through the internet. The presence of the Belvaspata sigils will help clean and clear the corrupted pathways of cyberspace.

~ Therefore, the third option for initiation is this: Belvaspata masters and grand masters may perform long-distance initiations.

You have always spoken of how our books, Belvaspata Angel Healing Volumes 1, 2 and 3, (and additional Belvaspata Specialty Protocols) published over the years, are meant as handbooks and practice manuals for Belvaspata practitioners. 

~ Are there any other changes regarding the use of Belvaspata?

The Seer:
~ No, there are no other changes. The existing guidelines, directions, and protocols for the use of Belvaspata as given in our books and Belvaspata Specialty Protocol publications here remain unchanged. 

*The Seer has expressed concern that Belvaspata practitioners undertake proper study and education to preserve the pristine nature of this holy practice and to maintain its consistent use as she originally received it and has shared in her teachings. To this end, training will be offered, and possibly credentials issued for those who complete training (qualified individuals may receive credentials on an individual basis). Initiators are responsible to educate themselves, then to (assist with) education and mentoring of those they initiate.


  • Belvaspata Angel Healing Volumes 1, 2 and 3 will not be re-published, therefore, the protocol for long-distance initiation is updated on the Original Ones website here and on Belvaspata.org website for your reference.
  • In 2020, it was declared by The Seer that the entire Angelic Kingdom was elevated to Angel gods; you may read about it here. As a result, this title is reflected in publications only after 2020. Therefore, please use the title “Angel gods” with all of the sigils of Belvaspata.  

~ Stay tuned to the Original Ones posts here and Belvaspata.org for the most current Belvaspata news!

Jan Alvey, Belvaspata Grand Master, Dean of the Academy of Belvaspata

[email protected]

Belvaspata Initiations – Performing Long-Distance Initiations

Belvaspata sigils are composed of frequency and light and are non-directional. They are placed within the body of the initiate with your intent; they are not ‘sent’.

  • Envision the initiate seated (or lying) before you. 
  • Complete the Opening for Initiation (see Belvaspata Angel Healing Volume 1, 2 or 3, Part VI, “Belvaspata Initiations by a Master”, pages 129-130, paperback versions). 
  • With your intent and the support of the Angel gods of Belvaspata, envision drawing the sigils on the initiate’s body in the specified locations. You may draw the sigils in the air with your finger or trace over the sigils in the Belvaspata book (see **Belvaspata Angel Healing Volume 1, 2 or 3, Part VI, “Initiations: Initiating another into Belvaspata, pages 129-138 for complete directions, paperback versions). 
  • Close the initiation by drawing the sigils for Praise, Love, and Gratitude to seal the frequency of the sigils within the initiates body (see Belvaspata Angel Healing Volume 1, 2 or 3, Part VI, “Closing Sigils”, page 138, paperback versions).

Long-distance initiations may be done via audio only using the phone or internet, or with the addition of video via online resources such as Zoom, FaceTime, Google Meet, Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.

**Visit Almine.store here to purchase an Ebook (or request to order a paperback version) of Belvaspata books.

Russian translations of Belvaspata books are available on https://shop.almine.ru (click on “English” to view translated product names).

Jan Alvey, Belvaspata Grand Master, Dean of the Academy of Belvaspata

[email protected]

Specialty Belvaspata Protocols

Initiation is required for the use of these types of protocols – unless otherwise indicated. They may be used in addition to a healing session (see Belvaspata Angel Healing Volume 1, 2 or 3, Part II, “How to Use Belvaspata”, pages 19-26, paperback versions), or they may be used by themselves. It is important to follow the directions for either type of use as given in their specific directions. Most of them are available as downloads in pdf format, unless otherwise noted as being part of a Belvaspata Angel Healing paperback book. 

Some protocols are available for purchase, while others are available as a free download from one or more of our websites (Original Ones, Belvaspata.org, and on Almine.Store here).

Belvaspata Angel Healing Volumes 1, 2 and 3 all contain the same Belvaspata content in the front portion of the book. They all contain the basic concepts of Belvaspata Angel Healing (how it works), directions and sigils for ‘how to’ conduct a healing session, directions for preparation to receive initiation and directions to perform initiations. In addition, each of the three volumes has one or more different specialty modalities in the back portion of the book, along with directions for their use. 

Belvaspata – Angel Healing, a 46-minute audio recording by The Seer, to assist with pronunciation of the Angel god names and sigils used in Self-initiation is included with all three volumes as a download in mp3 format. 

Belvaspata Angel Healing, Volume 1 contains three specialty modalities:

  • Kaanish Belvaspata – for Purification and Enlightenment.
  • Belvaspata Song of the Self – for the restoration of unexpressed frequencies. (See this post about its powerful influence even after death: https://belvaspata.org/the-song-of-the-self-is-unstoppable/ ).
  • Braamish Ananu – Belvaspata of the Gods, for promoting the illumination of inner divinity.

Belvaspata Angel Healing, Volume 2 contains one specialty modality:

Belvaspata Angel Healing, Volume 3 contains three specialty modalities:

  • Belvaspata for the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease – for healing patterns of dis-ease with the use of Pekana homeopathic remedies, dietary modifications and Belvaspata sigils. This modality includes an informative 2-hour lecture by The Seer Almine as a download in mp3 format.
  • Belvaspata for the Healing of Allergies and Addictions (also includes The Sound Healing Modalities of the Rosecrucians).

Belvaspata Aravespi Stra-Unat – for Emotional Healing, the Belvaspata that Heals the Heart (For the Removal of the 144 Illusions that Cause Grief).

Belvaspata for Awakening of the Intuitive Abilities

Belvaspata for Healing the Reproductive System, 2nd edition.

Belvaspata for Healing Heart Disease

Belvaspata for Healing Cancer

Daily Maintenance Belvaspata – a protocol that offers a method to provide daily healing support for six months after an initial healing session; a free download in pdf format.

Esklavanet Belvaspata – for dissolving ghosts and psychic impressions, plus cleansing the environment of their presence (it may also be used to assist newly departed souls), a free download in pdf format.

Krihanash Belvaspata – for Healing the Soul Through Fragrance Alchemy oils that clear the 12 major meridians used in acupuncture and acupressure (excerpted in Bridge of No Time, pages 241-284, paperback version). Also see Fragrance Alchemy.com here.

Metaphysical Belvaspata for Healing Addictions – for use with healing drug and alcohol addictions. 

Mishba-Terasat Belvaspata – for Healing of the Earth Meridians and the Earth/Heart Connection.

Satchevispata Belvaspata – for Blessing a Home and Property, includes 7 Wheels and their directions; a free download in pdf format.

Belvasapata Protocols, no initiation is required for use:

Animal Healing

  • KriyavaspataThe Angelic Healing Modality for Animals; a free download available on Belvaspata.org in pdf format.

Jan Alvey, Belvaspata Grand Master, Dean of the Academy of Belvaspata [email protected]

This post was originally published on Original Ones, December 9, 2023.