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To Help Maintain the Purity of This Most Sacred Gift

An Important Note From the Seer Regarding Belvaspata

The Seer:
My dear Lightfamily, I was somewhat surprised when, after years of being instructed to the contrary, I received the very clear message that Belvaspata practitioners may now do long-distance Belvaspata for those desiring to partake of its holy blessings.*

However, it is very important that the proper protocols for these holy tools are followed and that one does not presume to overstep the boundaries of what is permissible, and what is not.

It is not permissible to do Belvaspata treatments or sessions long-distance for groups. The long- distance Belvaspata session must only be done for one person at a time. If you do the long-distance Belvaspata for a group, as with all misused holy tools, you invite adversity into your practice and confusion into your life. Belvaspata should not be done for others through a mass-produced recording, because the practitioner is part of the holy alchemy that takes place, involving the client, the Angelgod, and the practitioner.

I appreciate your commitment to help maintain the purity of this most sacred gift bestowed on us by the Infinite One. Approach your role as practitioner with the utmost humility, and prepare for your interaction with a client by reminding yourself that it is an unspeakable privilege to be a servant of the Most High.

The Seer Almine