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Love, Praise, Gratitude, Trust and Hope

Belvaspata practitioners close a Belvaspata session with the usual sigils for Love, Praise and Gratitude. (The sigil for Trust has always been part of the protocol for Krihanash Belvaspata.) Recently (March 29, 2021), Almine stated the sigils for Trust and Hope may be added to the closing for all types of Belvaspata.

To get the sigil for Hope (Varishva in the Infinite’s language) and to read more details about it click here. The Original Ones website is dedicated to The Seer Almine and is the home of her Lightfamily.

To view the sigil for Trust (Seresta-selchvadu in the Infinite’s language) and for more information about it on Almine Diary, click here.