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Supporting Ukraine and Russia

The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine is creating much suffering for both countries. Many people are affected and often they have family members in both locations, as do other people around the world.

What Can We Do?

Our Intent: To assist and support the people of Ukraine and Russia who are living through the current conflict; to strengthen and restore inner peace and inner strength throughout this ordeal.

The invitation: Today our global lightfamily of Belvaspata masters* are requested to perform Kaanish Belvaspata daily. Please begin today (whenever you read this post) and continue through March 31, 2022.

Practical tips: *Initiation is required to become a Belvaspata master; you can read about it here in Belvaspata Angel Heaing Volume 1 or here on this site. All wheels must be integrated by the Belvaspata master at least one time prior to the first use of the modality. After that, begin with level 1, and work through to Level 5. If you must stop before completing a level, the next time you use it just pick up exactly where you left off.

How Does Kaanish Belvaspata Work?

The special blessings of Kaanish are purification and enlightenment. It is an enhancer of consciousness. When it is performed (as part of a Belvaspata healing session or as a separate session to benefit life on Earth), it will also produce physical benefits.

Note: As of early 2020, the Belvaspata website is located here. Sanctioned by the Seer Almine, our original website contents have been moved to it. The site will continue to provide access to resources for this amazing angelic healing modality and to maintain the purity and clarity of the teachings directly as given by the Seer. Also featured on the site is the unique healing modality that is used specifically for the healing of animals, Kriyavaspata.

Belvaspata products are available on Almine.Store and the Original Ones webstore – the ‘new’ site does not include a webstore. The home page includes a search bar feature for any daily posts (rolling dates content) or on the Pages features (permanent posts located on the right side of the home page).

Thank you!

Love, Praise, and Gratitude,

Jan Alvey, Grand Master

Dean, Academy of Belvaspata

PS: Peaceful Presence, a new Fragrance Alchemy oil was created for the recently added 13th color (Teal)  of the Light Explosion Protocol. Thank you, Beloved Almine!