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The Language of Pain

The following list of body parts and symptoms will assist in recognizing areas that are out of balance:

Breath indicates the ability to express ourselves in life. If we don’t express ourselves, it is as though someone placed a boulder on our chest and we cannot fully breathe. Frequently people place the boulder on themselves.

The breath is expressing our lifeforce, so asthma patients have lifeforce problems.

Fluids have to do with emotions. Blood, in particular, is the equivalent of love. Hardened arteries mean hardened emotions. The heart has to do with giving love. The energy we give is drawn from the limitless supply of the universe and is supposed to enter our body through the crown chakra. If we close our heart because of fear, or not being fully present in our body, we begin to give energy from our lifeforce center, depleting us.

To insulate from this drain of energy, a layer of fat could build up around the solar plexus. Lightworkers frequently have this layer of fat as an attempt to protect their energy source.

Soft tissues and ligaments reflect attitudes. The joints have to do with how flexible we are. The soft tissues control the joints, so they are affected too.

Skin reflects how we interface with the world. When skin is irritated, it is because we perceive the world as abrasive or hostile. A boil means that a specific area of our life is like a sore.

Bones indicate what was inherited from parents and ancestors or from genetic memory and early social conditioning.

An ailment on the front of the body indicates we are aware of, but have not yet dealt with. On the back of the body, there is an issue we are trying to put behind us. On the left side of the body, it has to do with the animal’s feminine aspects or female relationships. On the right side of the body, it reflects masculine aspect or masculine relationships.

A virus is the result of invasion. Boundaries have broken down. We honor our animal friends by establishing healthy boundaries and maintaining them. Viruses invade when our sub-personalities aren’t healthy, happy, whole and functioning.

Fungus can develop when the animal is or feels abandoned, bacteria invade when deliberate hostile influences breach established boundaries.

The head signals thoughts and ideals, the way we think life ought to be. The face has to do with what is presented to the world. If the presentation is different from the real identity, acne may develop. Negative thoughts, resentments, feelings of inadequacy can produce mucus in the sinuses. Phlegm, the fluid in the throat, is also indicative of negative emotions. Headaches often result from suppression of memories, or a conflict between the left and right brains.

Ear problems can mean there are things in the environment they don’t wish to hear.

The thyroid is where we suppress anger at not being heard. If there are pieces of our reality that don’t fit, and we try to ignore them, it affects the thyroid.

Teeth and their roots are connected to bones and problems indicate conflicts with authority figures or societal attitudes. They also pertain to the need for aggression. Problems with gums indicate there is something in life that is difficult to swallow; it becomes stuck and bothersome, resulting in an abcess in the mouth.

The neck is where thoughts and ideals meet, reflecting the way life is for us. Atlas problems mean the head isn’t on straight and arises from conflict between the ideal and reality.

Shoulders, arms and hands reflect that which is done to us or what is being done to others. Hands represent the present moment; arms, that the problem is less obvious or under the surface; shoulders, that we are trying to push it into the past. Hurt feelings manifest in the fingers.

Below the shoulders and to the hips is the area to do with desires, passion and our self-expression of things we love to do.

Liver problems indicate anger; kidney problems indicate fear.

Sacrum problems mean feeling unsupported.

The hip is the balance between the way we want to live and how we are actually living.

The pubis bone locks when sexuality is drained.

Sexual organs relate to the ability to be active in reproduction.

Legs reflect how we are moving through life.

Knees reflect flexibility around what is happening to us.

Glossary of Anatomical Signals

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