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Belvaspata for Healing Cancer

Belvaspata for the Healing of Cancer is Now Available!

The proper protocol for cancer could not be given to humanity before this moment, for ‘cancerous’ conditions existed in the macrocosm of which man is the representation, or microcosm.
The principles upon which Belvaspata is based are that opposite light and opposite frequency attract one another. The principles likewise have applied as far as the black light and white light and their associated frequencies are concerned. They have been glued together, in fact.
Belvaspata for Healing Cancer
QUESTION: Are Initiations required to use it?
ANSWER: The only initiations that are necessary are the initiations or self-initiations that regular Belvaspata masters undergo (for more details click here); there are 4 levels. As always it is requested that you credit Almine as the originator of this profound work designed to set man free from illusion. All details for the use of Belvaspata are included in Belvaspata Angel Healing Volume 1, 2 and 3 and each Belvaspata Specialty modality protocol.

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