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A Message from Almine about Emotional Healing

Although I have frequently said that the Belvaspata sigils never need to be upgraded, since they evolve with life, new sigils for Aravespi Stra-Unat (for emotional healing) are being received and will be available wherever this particular Belvaspata  is available.

The reason for this occurrence is as follows:
A few of our lightfamily are starting to live from the Immaculate White Light Reality. Others are entering the stages of resurrection. With the creation of the Immaculate White Light reality, the emotions of anger, grief, and fear are being released by humankind. During the stages of resurrection, the masters process these emotions archetypally in their own lives.

In other words, they don’t process the pain of others, but they deal with  their own pain on behalf of others. When emotions are experienced and resolved archetypally, their intensity increases substantially. The upgraded sigils of Aravespi Stra-Unat will assist in resolving the more intense grief felt in this situation. Click here to purchase this protocol.

It is recommended that the Belvaspata of Healing through Oneness (see Belvaspata Angel Healing Volume 2 by clicking here) be done in the same session with Aravespi Stra-Unat, or in a subsequent session.

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