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There are only two ways to become initiated. Please see the details for each option below:
1. Self-Initiation
To self-initiate, see the section on self-initiation in Belvaspata, Angel Healing Volume I 2nd edition on the Spiritual Journeys internet store, currently available in ebook version. Included with the book is an MP3 download of Almine speaking the language of the Infinite, titled Belvaspata Angel Healing, to assist with learning pronunciation of the language used for Belvaspata. This audio is available on this site, see Belvaspata Angel Healing Volume I – MP3 Download page.
As of the end of January 2009, self-initiation for Level 1 & Level 2 may be completed at the same time and Mastery & Grand Mastery Levels may be completed together (with required preparation for all levels). There is a minimum waiting period of 3 months between Level 2 and Master Level with recommended daily use of Belvaspata.
To complete self-initiation successfully, it is recommended that those who are interested contact a qualified Master or Grand Master to assist with the process (contact information can be found on the Belvaspata Practitioner Directory on this site).
 Belvaspata Masters may initiate up to, and including, their own level of initiation. Note: contact Jan, jan@almine.net with any additional questions.
2. Initiation by a Belvaspata Master or Grand Master
If you choose not to do self-initiation, you can contact a Belvaspata Master or Grand Master (check the Belvaspata Practitioner Directory on this website) if he/she lives close to your area and you wish to be initiated in person.
Note: Your initiation by a Belvaspata Master or Grand Master is done in person, (in the actual physical presence of your initiator, not via phone, skype, or any long-distance method). These are the guidelines as given by Almine herself, who received this information direct from Source. Initiations can be done up to and including one’s own level of initiation.
Preparation is required for all 4 levels of initiation into Belvaspata. The purpose of the preparation for each initiation level is to raise the frequency of the recipient in order to increase their receptivity for the initiation. It is very important to follow the guidelines that Almine has provided for the initiations and use of Belvaspata.  Without the proper preparation and receptivity for the increased frequencies – the initiate may experience discomfort and/or increased chaos within themselves and their environment.

  • It is the responsibility of the initiating master to ensure that all preparation has been completed by the initiate prior to performing an initiation.
  • If you have received initiation at a public or private retreat with Almine, prior to teaching or initiating others, please ensure that you have studied and understand the use of Belvaspata – see  Belvaspata Angel Healing Volume I, 2nd edition, currently available as an Ebook. It is a complete guide for the beginner and the experienced  Belvaspata master.