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How To Use Esklavanet Belvaspata

Esklavanet Belvaspata was recently received by Almine as a special type of Belvaspata that deals with dissolving ghosts and psychic impressions. It can be used the same as any specialty type of Belvaspata, either as a an addition to a regular session or as a stand-alone protocol.
During the Esklavanet Belvaspata session, the sigils are signed in the air while holding a specific area or ghostly apparition in your mind as you do so. It is in all other ways performed exactly the same as all other Belvaspata protocols and you end with the sigils of love praise and gratitude.
See Belvaspata Angel Healing Volume 1 (or Volumes 2, 3 or 4) for further details: these volumes all contain the same general Belvaspata concepts, guidelines and practice information in the front of the books and each has one or more different specialty modalities in addition. Use the general guidelines for performing Belvaspata and the specialty guidelines below.
Using Esklavanet Belvaspata as a stand-alone Session
1. Open the session with an expansion process and hold the
expanded awareness for as long as you feel is appropriate. For
example 5–10 minutes may be sufficient.
2. Proceed with Esklavanet Belvaspata. Draw the sigils as you feel
guided either in the air or trace over them from a paper or a digital version.
Remember the intent of this modality is to dissolve ghosts or psychic
impressions and it is not created to address healing or any specific
3. Always close the session by signing the sigils for praise, love
and gratitude as this materializes the intentions and
pulls awareness in.
What significance does the ability to remove ghosts with the Esklavanet Belvaspata have for someone who has never seen, or isn’t bothered by, a ghost?
Almine’s Answer:
Doing Esklavanet, removes “ghosts” from our lives in the form of old memories of trauma held in the body (causing aches and pains and making us prone to injury). It also removes what psychologists call Enneagrams: psychological trigger points that cause knee jerk reactions.
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Esklavanet Belvaspata

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