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Creating and Manifesting Blessings for All Life

You may have tuned in to The Night of Miracles on December 31, 2014 and heard stories of miracles associated with Almine and her teachings. Many of them included miracles experienced through the angelic healing modality of Belvaspata.
Within the last several months, (see the Almine Diary post of December 16, 2014, Almine in Stasis), many of our global lightfamily have asked how they can be of support to Almine during her healing journey.  We have had many posts on this site about Kaanish Belvaspata, the Belvaspata Healing Modality of Enlightenment. We have also made the invitation over the last few years to Belvaspata practitioners worldwide to join us in the daily practice of it. At this time, we sense the unfoldment of an opportunity to again follow our passion and share the blessings of Kaanish – especially with Almine and her family held in our awareness.  Remember that the practice of Kaanish benefits the Cosmos and all life, thus through reciprocity blessings also flow to the practitioner. When such great service is rendered, a dramatic increase in consciousness is given in compensation.
Consider this the invitation to join us for 90 days (through May 13) in the daily practice of Kaanish levels 1-5. If you can make it every day, wonderful! If not, please join us when you can and give as much time as you can to your daily practice. We hope that many of you join us!
You can find more information about Kaanish Belvaspata here and by using the search box on this site to visit all posts about Kaanish.
Click on the link What is Belvaspata, to learn more about it and click Belvaspata Initiation for the ‘how to’ of preparing and receiving initiation. Did you know that there are 2 ways to receive Belvaspata initiation or that Grand Masters may give initiations into all 4 levels of Belvaspata? This and much more information is included in the Belvaspata Initiation link. We invite you to check in on this site in the next few days for a post that includes a message directly from Almine about initiations.
How do I receive Belvaspata Initiations?
1. Self-initiation
2. Initiation received directly (in person) from a Master or Grand Master of Belvaspata
Note: this message is also posted on Almine Diary here.

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