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Braamish Ananu – Belvaspata of Divinity

Braamish Ananu Belvaspata:  This specialty form of Belvaspata is for those who have completed 30 days of  daily Kaanish Belvaspata in order to purify themselves and their environments.
The major lightworkers must stop linear time – the movement of the vertical cosmos – by bringing a higher form of emotion into manifestation; ones not based on desire but on recognition of what is.
This creates a ‘language’ that can be understood in both realities so that the Ancient Ones can merge the two different realities by healing their own schism.
The words Braamish Ananu mean Holy or Divine Androgynous Gods.  Pain has come through separation, through oneness all life flourishes.  This Belvaspata of Divinity creates a timeless existence beyond mortal boundaries for both the one who gives and the one who receives it.
If you have completed the requisite Kaanish Belvaspata, we invite you to join us for one week of Braamish Ananu – dates of Oct 26-Nov 1, 2011.  We are delighted to know of your experiences regarding your practice of Kaanish, Braamish Ananu or other Belvaspata!  Contact Jan sj@almine.net.

Introduction to Braamish Ananu
Emotions of Recognition and Rays of Motionless Luminosity

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