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Why Disease And Illness Are An Illusion

Question: Why do you call disease and sickness an illusion?
Almine’s Answer: A skilled hypnotist can tell a subject that they’re sticking their hand into boiling water (when in fact the water is cold), and produce blisters all over the person’s hand. People with split personalities may have a broken bone but when the other personality takes over, the bone is whole.
Are these injuries real? Or do we simply manifest what we believe to be real? Mystics and metaphysicians have over the ages said that our reality is the result of the collective hypnosis of man; that we are only as limited as we believe ourselves to be.

The miracle workers throughout history have been the ones who have for a moment parted the thick web of man’ s created reality and revealed the incorruptible pristine reality of the Infinite’s Intent that lies beyond. They have shown that all life is connected by the Spirit that Dwells In All Things. It is this Presence of the Divine that animates all life, that makes it impossible for imperfection to actually exist in its presence. That’s why disease is an illusion.

DAILY APHORISMS for thirty days…
…My resurrected body is a perfect manifestation of Divine Perfection.
…I sing the song of wholeness and remembered oneness throughout all my cells.
… My body is a luminous miracle of perfection.
…Through the resurrection of my body and soul, I am an eternally self- regenerating being.
…My bones are made of light and my joints are lined with the magenta light of well- being and fluidity.

A new site is available to share more of the deep revelations of the Seer Almine: Original Ones (Messages for Lightworkers, a former site, is no longer active.) The Original Ones site is specifically designed to help the great lights of the Earth navigate the rapidly changing cosmic landscape.

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