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The Heart of Belvaspata

I would like to share a miracle story that I had with my heart. I first met Almine at a retreat in Niagara Falls in 2010. I have been a student since 2008. While I was at the retreat Almine informed me that I had a pocket of cholesterol next to my heart and she was quite concerned for me. I was given a blessing by Almine at the end of that retreat and I remember feeling as though the pocket exploded and disappeared when I received my blessing.
A few months later I was sitting at the computer doing The Book of Gods and Men online course when I became very cold. This is something that never happens to me. I went and got a very heavy blanket, put Healing of the Angels[1] on and got my Belvaspata cards and went to lie down. My teeth were chattering so bad that when I called my friend to see if she could tune in to my body and tell me what was happening I could hardly speak. Both her and her daughter are medical intuitives. They both informed me that I was having a heart attack and she was coming to take me to the hospital.
I remember this feeling of peace coming over me as I held the very deep knowing that what Almine had taught us about the organs not being real was true. They were the fake feminine way of getting recognition. With this knowing I told my friend that she was welcome to come over but I was not going to the hospital and she said, “but Linda, you are having a heart attack”. I remember saying over and over that I was an incorruptible fluid field of Infinite frequency and light and that there was nothing of any consequence that could affect my being, that the heart was not real and I had no need of blood flow or a heartbeat. When my friend arrived and came upstairs I was in a very peaceful, calm state. I said to her that everything was fine and that my heart was fine. I said, “feel” and when she put her hand on my chest she had this look of shock on her face. I said to her, “see everything is okay”. She said, “Linda you do not have a heartbeat”. She then put her ear to my chest, where after a few minutes she was able to hear a faint beat. I know that the beat was there so that she would not panic.
When she calmed down she said, “Linda, you have 3 Angels standing at the end of the bed”. I told her “yes, they have been there since I started playing Almine’s Healing of the Angels  and working with my Belvaspata cards”. She then informed me that the Angels were working on my spine and that all of the organs had been pushed to the sides. She kept repeating a word that turned out to be the name of the Angel that works with the spine. I never went to the hospital or the doctor and I have never had any lasting effects from this event. I truly believe it was because I rested so deeply in the faith of what I knew to be true and the belief and faith I have for Belvaspata and Almine.
Linda, Alberta
[1] Belvaspata Healing of the Angels, Music for Belvaspata: Almine sings the names of the Angels of Divine Compassion along with blessings from the Infinite in this 60-minute MP3 download.

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