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A Message from Almine about Emotional Healing

Although I have frequently said that the Belvaspata sigils never need to be upgraded, since they evolve with life, new sigils for Aravespi Stra-Unat (for emotional healing) are being received and will be available wherever this particular Belvaspata  is available.

The reason for this occurrence is as follows:
A few of our lightfamily are starting to live from the Immaculate White Light Reality. Others are entering the stages of resurrection. With the creation of the Immaculate White Light reality, the emotions of anger, grief, and fear are being released by humankind. During the stages of resurrection, the masters process these emotions archetypally in their own lives.

In other words, they don’t process the pain of others, but they deal with  their own pain on behalf of others. When emotions are experienced and resolved archetypally, their intensity increases substantially. The upgraded sigils of Aravespi Stra-Unat will assist in resolving the more intense grief felt in this situation. Click here to purchase this protocol.

It is recommended that the Belvaspata of Healing through Oneness (see Belvaspata Angel Healing Volume 2 by clicking here) be done in the same session with Aravespi Stra-Unat, or in a subsequent session.

Why Disease And Illness Are An Illusion

Question: Why do you call disease and sickness an illusion?
Almine’s Answer: A skilled hypnotist can tell a subject that they’re sticking their hand into boiling water (when in fact the water is cold), and produce blisters all over the person’s hand. People with split personalities may have a broken bone but when the other personality takes over, the bone is whole.
Are these injuries real? Or do we simply manifest what we believe to be real? Mystics and metaphysicians have over the ages said that our reality is the result of the collective hypnosis of man; that we are only as limited as we believe ourselves to be.

The miracle workers throughout history have been the ones who have for a moment parted the thick web of man’ s created reality and revealed the incorruptible pristine reality of the Infinite’s Intent that lies beyond. They have shown that all life is connected by the Spirit that Dwells In All Things. It is this Presence of the Divine that animates all life, that makes it impossible for imperfection to actually exist in its presence. That’s why disease is an illusion.

DAILY APHORISMS for thirty days…
…My resurrected body is a perfect manifestation of Divine Perfection.
…I sing the song of wholeness and remembered oneness throughout all my cells.
… My body is a luminous miracle of perfection.
…Through the resurrection of my body and soul, I am an eternally self- regenerating being.
…My bones are made of light and my joints are lined with the magenta light of well- being and fluidity.

A new site is available to share more of the deep revelations of the Seer Almine: Original Ones (Messages for Lightworkers, a former site, is no longer active.) The Original Ones site is specifically designed to help the great lights of the Earth navigate the rapidly changing cosmic landscape.

How to Assist Newly Departed Souls with Belvaspata

A post about Esklavanet Belvaspata on Almine Diary December 24, 2015, raised an additional question from one of our readers. Thank you for the question, Almine’s reply is below.

Question: I can see how the tunnel is a ready solution for ghosts who were left behind as it clears our environment of these ‘lost souls’ who drain our energy and ‘bring down the vibe’ of any house or place where they are stuck due to trauma. But for helping people to pass into that tunnel into the repetitious trap of soul programs hardly seems a favor to them! Of course for those stuck all their lives in religion, hoping to meet their guru or savior or dear deceased baby or gran or faithful pet, I guess there is already no choice but to head on back to the 4th dimension where an illusion of healing and rest takes place. So my question is, how is this relevant to those of us who (hopefully!) do not resonate with soul and spirit programs?
Almine’s Answer: To elevate life in all realms is very much the sacred obligation of those in the most dense level – physical life. Those incarnated ones in the physical are the salvation for those in the soul realms. It is here where transmutation takes place and opposition gets turned into insight and power.

Those departed ones in the soul realms lack the power to affect all life. If those who refuse to move on linger here, it’s like dragging a log up the mountain for those who are assisting life to evolve with grace to the next evolutionary levels. Clearing the physical of that which does not belong here, is a favor to all life.

~ Visit this site for more information about the angelic healing modality of light and frequency received by the Seer Almine.
BelvaspataBelvaspata books and other products are available are available here.

Esklavanet Belvaspata ~ Things You Need To Know

Question: I am familiar with Esklavanet Belvaspata (see more details here), for clearing ghosts and psychic impressions. Do I have to be initiated into Belvaspata in order to use it?
Almine’s Answer: Dealing with beings that are etheric, is truly no small matter. They have all the flaws (deceit, malevolence, the desire to steal energy or to create a dependency relationship) that humans have, except with a lot more power – and they are hidden from us. Only the most elementary and naive lightworkers approach these things with the gullibility of “all is well as long as I believe it’s so” and ” as long as I give it love”. It is foolishness to call the cautionary expertise with which to approach the hidden realms ” fear-based”.
Question: Are we immune to their ill intent?
Almine’s Answer: Only if 100% of the time you absolutely believe that no part of your life is created or affected by external circumstances; if you are 100% free from victimization all the time. I have never met anyone like that. I have been working on it daily for many years, and still find that on occasion it creeps in.
It is essential that you have the additional power that Belvaspata initiations provide, as well as the angelic allies and the empowered protocol to deal with clearing ghosts. In and of themselves they cannot hurt you, but they are able to move physical objects that can. You want to have your interaction be with caution and confidence. Ghosts don’t have magic, so they are the least powerful of etheric beings you will encounter in mystical work.
See more details about Belvaspata initiations on this website.
Esklavanet Belvaspata (a free download on our store)

How To Use Esklavanet Belvaspata

Esklavanet Belvaspata was recently received by Almine as a special type of Belvaspata that deals with dissolving ghosts and psychic impressions. It can be used the same as any specialty type of Belvaspata, either as a an addition to a regular session or as a stand-alone protocol.
During the Esklavanet Belvaspata session, the sigils are signed in the air while holding a specific area or ghostly apparition in your mind as you do so. It is in all other ways performed exactly the same as all other Belvaspata protocols and you end with the sigils of love praise and gratitude.
See Belvaspata Angel Healing Volume 1 (or Volumes 2, 3 or 4) for further details: these volumes all contain the same general Belvaspata concepts, guidelines and practice information in the front of the books and each has one or more different specialty modalities in addition. Use the general guidelines for performing Belvaspata and the specialty guidelines below.
Using Esklavanet Belvaspata as a stand-alone Session
1. Open the session with an expansion process and hold the
expanded awareness for as long as you feel is appropriate. For
example 5–10 minutes may be sufficient.
2. Proceed with Esklavanet Belvaspata. Draw the sigils as you feel
guided either in the air or trace over them from a paper or a digital version.
Remember the intent of this modality is to dissolve ghosts or psychic
impressions and it is not created to address healing or any specific
3. Always close the session by signing the sigils for praise, love
and gratitude as this materializes the intentions and
pulls awareness in.
What significance does the ability to remove ghosts with the Esklavanet Belvaspata have for someone who has never seen, or isn’t bothered by, a ghost?
Almine’s Answer:
Doing Esklavanet, removes “ghosts” from our lives in the form of old memories of trauma held in the body (causing aches and pains and making us prone to injury). It also removes what psychologists call Enneagrams: psychological trigger points that cause knee jerk reactions.
Get Esklavanet Belvaspata on the store (a free product download)
Learn more:
Do Ghosts Have a Negative Impact On Us?
Esklavanet Belvaspata

The Belvaspata That Sends Ghosts Home
Esklanavet-300x134When the soul leaves the body after death, it has six days to move through the tunnel into the soul world. If it lingers longer, it loses its “spirit status” and becomes trapped in the land of the living as a ghost. This almost always happens because of attachments that are not willing to let go. The Angels sent to escort the soul through into the soul world, leave and the ghost is left on its own.
Ghosts are not pleasant to look at, because they appear as they looked when they died, and particularly, if they died a traumatic death, this can be a gruesome sight. Spirits that come from the soul world (they usually have a purpose, such as a message), appear whole and more luminous, and often younger.
The first seven angels called during the practice of Esklavanet, come to escort the ghosts into the tunnel that leads to the soul world. They also have the responsibility to open the tunnel in the membrane that separates the physical realm and the soul world.
The eighth angel weighs the merit and value of the person in earning the right to continue as an individuation. Are they contributing to the harmonious unfolding of the Song of Existence as it presently unfolds? If not, the soul is reabsorbed into the ocean of potential and the template, or pattern of their individuation is dissolved.
Sometimes it appears as if there are ghosts, but the images are the result of psychic impressions. The beings in them have no self awareness or self volition. They just mindlessly repeat certain actions like an old movie that replays over and over. The ninth angel dissolves these by erasing the geometric shapes that hold them in place. Because it is sometimes difficult to tell what it is you are dealing with, it is advisable to use all nine sigils when you cleanse your environment.
Question: Is initiation as a Belvaspata master necessary in order to use Esklavanet?
Almine’s Answer: At the minimum, initiation into the 1st of 4 levels (master level) is required.
See our next post for more information!

Kaanish Belvaspata Blessings

BVP-Sigil-WEBIt’s June 14 and the last day of our group Kaanish Belvaspata ‘invitational’. Thank you to everyone for joining us! We’ve received some beautiful comments about the blessings of the daily practice of Kaanish, including ease of manifesting a fluid and graceful daily life. Thank you to the Seer Almine for the gift of Kaanish, one of the many types of Belvaspata that she has received directly from Source. We invite you to visit our Spiritual Journeys home site for a link to our Belvaspata site and all of our sites!

Belvaspata Practitioner Directory

If you are considering experiencing a Belvaspata healing session or would like to contact an experienced Grand Master of Belvaspata as a mentor for your self-initiation, you can visit our Belvaspata Practitioner Directory on this site.
If you are interested in being including on our Belvaspata Practitioner Directory, you can read more about it here. We are currently updating the site with 2015 registrations, please use the link above to register on our webstore.
Note: Initiation into Belvaspata Master or Grand Master level along with daily practice for at least 6 months is required in order to post your name on the Belvaspata Practitioner Directory.

Creating and Manifesting Blessings for All Life

You may have tuned in to The Night of Miracles on December 31, 2014 and heard stories of miracles associated with Almine and her teachings. Many of them included miracles experienced through the angelic healing modality of Belvaspata.
Within the last several months, (see the Almine Diary post of December 16, 2014, Almine in Stasis), many of our global lightfamily have asked how they can be of support to Almine during her healing journey.  We have had many posts on this site about Kaanish Belvaspata, the Belvaspata Healing Modality of Enlightenment. We have also made the invitation over the last few years to Belvaspata practitioners worldwide to join us in the daily practice of it. At this time, we sense the unfoldment of an opportunity to again follow our passion and share the blessings of Kaanish – especially with Almine and her family held in our awareness.  Remember that the practice of Kaanish benefits the Cosmos and all life, thus through reciprocity blessings also flow to the practitioner. When such great service is rendered, a dramatic increase in consciousness is given in compensation.
Consider this the invitation to join us for 90 days (through May 13) in the daily practice of Kaanish levels 1-5. If you can make it every day, wonderful! If not, please join us when you can and give as much time as you can to your daily practice. We hope that many of you join us!
You can find more information about Kaanish Belvaspata here and by using the search box on this site to visit all posts about Kaanish.
Click on the link What is Belvaspata, to learn more about it and click Belvaspata Initiation for the ‘how to’ of preparing and receiving initiation. Did you know that there are 2 ways to receive Belvaspata initiation or that Grand Masters may give initiations into all 4 levels of Belvaspata? This and much more information is included in the Belvaspata Initiation link. We invite you to check in on this site in the next few days for a post that includes a message directly from Almine about initiations.
How do I receive Belvaspata Initiations?
1. Self-initiation
2. Initiation received directly (in person) from a Master or Grand Master of Belvaspata
Note: this message is also posted on Almine Diary here.

The Heart of Belvaspata

I would like to share a miracle story that I had with my heart. I first met Almine at a retreat in Niagara Falls in 2010. I have been a student since 2008. While I was at the retreat Almine informed me that I had a pocket of cholesterol next to my heart and she was quite concerned for me. I was given a blessing by Almine at the end of that retreat and I remember feeling as though the pocket exploded and disappeared when I received my blessing.
A few months later I was sitting at the computer doing The Book of Gods and Men online course when I became very cold. This is something that never happens to me. I went and got a very heavy blanket, put Healing of the Angels[1] on and got my Belvaspata cards and went to lie down. My teeth were chattering so bad that when I called my friend to see if she could tune in to my body and tell me what was happening I could hardly speak. Both her and her daughter are medical intuitives. They both informed me that I was having a heart attack and she was coming to take me to the hospital.
I remember this feeling of peace coming over me as I held the very deep knowing that what Almine had taught us about the organs not being real was true. They were the fake feminine way of getting recognition. With this knowing I told my friend that she was welcome to come over but I was not going to the hospital and she said, “but Linda, you are having a heart attack”. I remember saying over and over that I was an incorruptible fluid field of Infinite frequency and light and that there was nothing of any consequence that could affect my being, that the heart was not real and I had no need of blood flow or a heartbeat. When my friend arrived and came upstairs I was in a very peaceful, calm state. I said to her that everything was fine and that my heart was fine. I said, “feel” and when she put her hand on my chest she had this look of shock on her face. I said to her, “see everything is okay”. She said, “Linda you do not have a heartbeat”. She then put her ear to my chest, where after a few minutes she was able to hear a faint beat. I know that the beat was there so that she would not panic.
When she calmed down she said, “Linda, you have 3 Angels standing at the end of the bed”. I told her “yes, they have been there since I started playing Almine’s Healing of the Angels  and working with my Belvaspata cards”. She then informed me that the Angels were working on my spine and that all of the organs had been pushed to the sides. She kept repeating a word that turned out to be the name of the Angel that works with the spine. I never went to the hospital or the doctor and I have never had any lasting effects from this event. I truly believe it was because I rested so deeply in the faith of what I knew to be true and the belief and faith I have for Belvaspata and Almine.
Linda, Alberta
[1] Belvaspata Healing of the Angels, Music for Belvaspata: Almine sings the names of the Angels of Divine Compassion along with blessings from the Infinite in this 60-minute MP3 download.