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Esklavanet Belvaspata ~ Things You Need To Know

Question: I am familiar with Esklavanet Belvaspata (see more details here), for clearing ghosts and psychic impressions. Do I have to be initiated into Belvaspata in order to use it?
Almine’s Answer: Dealing with beings that are etheric, is truly no small matter. They have all the flaws (deceit, malevolence, the desire to steal energy or to create a dependency relationship) that humans have, except with a lot more power – and they are hidden from us. Only the most elementary and naive lightworkers approach these things with the gullibility of “all is well as long as I believe it’s so” and ” as long as I give it love”. It is foolishness to call the cautionary expertise with which to approach the hidden realms ” fear-based”.
Question: Are we immune to their ill intent?
Almine’s Answer: Only if 100% of the time you absolutely believe that no part of your life is created or affected by external circumstances; if you are 100% free from victimization all the time. I have never met anyone like that. I have been working on it daily for many years, and still find that on occasion it creeps in.
It is essential that you have the additional power that Belvaspata initiations provide, as well as the angelic allies and the empowered protocol to deal with clearing ghosts. In and of themselves they cannot hurt you, but they are able to move physical objects that can. You want to have your interaction be with caution and confidence. Ghosts don’t have magic, so they are the least powerful of etheric beings you will encounter in mystical work.
See more details about Belvaspata initiations on this website.
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