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Esklavanet Belvaspata for Eliminating Ghosts and Psychic Impressions

The Belvaspata That Sends Ghosts Home
Esklanavet-300x134When the soul leaves the body after death, it has six days to move through the tunnel into the soul world. If it lingers longer, it loses its “spirit status” and becomes trapped in the land of the living as a ghost. This almost always happens because of attachments that are not willing to let go. The Angels sent to escort the soul through into the soul world, leave and the ghost is left on its own.
Ghosts are not pleasant to look at, because they appear as they looked when they died, and particularly, if they died a traumatic death, this can be a gruesome sight. Spirits that come from the soul world (they usually have a purpose, such as a message), appear whole and more luminous, and often younger.
The first seven angels called during the practice of Esklavanet, come to escort the ghosts into the tunnel that leads to the soul world. They also have the responsibility to open the tunnel in the membrane that separates the physical realm and the soul world.
The eighth angel weighs the merit and value of the person in earning the right to continue as an individuation. Are they contributing to the harmonious unfolding of the Song of Existence as it presently unfolds? If not, the soul is reabsorbed into the ocean of potential and the template, or pattern of their individuation is dissolved.
Sometimes it appears as if there are ghosts, but the images are the result of psychic impressions. The beings in them have no self awareness or self volition. They just mindlessly repeat certain actions like an old movie that replays over and over. The ninth angel dissolves these by erasing the geometric shapes that hold them in place. Because it is sometimes difficult to tell what it is you are dealing with, it is advisable to use all nine sigils when you cleanse your environment.
Question: Is initiation as a Belvaspata master necessary in order to use Esklavanet?
Almine’s Answer: At the minimum, initiation into the 1st of 4 levels (master level) is required.
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